Director's Statement
A common question for most people who don’t understand those who go by 
they/them is simply, why? For many, the pronouns seem extreme, like it’s just another 
way for millennial's to be hypersensitive. Unbeknownst to them, the pronouns are often 
just a simple way for people to feel more like themselves. A way for them to feel more aligned with their own identity, and when they are mis-gendered, it can often feel like they are not being recognized as who they truly are. We need to learn about how flexible gender can be. We need to respect people for who they see themselves as, not who we see them as. Personally, I want the ability to feel safe and free to explore my gender and general expression in our society, as many others do too. I hope that Other can be educational for those who don't understand “other” people, and a step into a more flexible view of one’s own gender.
Official Selections:
ARFF Amsterdam 2019
Lift-Off Global Network Amsterdam 2019 Online Festival
NewFilmmakers New York 2019
AltFest New York 2019
YoungFilmmakers New York 2019